Chicago man hopes to find person who lost wedding ring in Wicker Park

What married person hasn't had a scare when it comes to hanging on to their wedding band?

Now, someone on Chicago's Northwest Side is without theirs but fortunately it landed in the right hands.

"We were trying to brainstorm ways we could reunite it with its rightful owner," said Jonah Newman.

On Sunday afternoon, Newman's wife found a wedding band while walking their dog on the 1000 block of North Marshfield in Wicker Park. Inscribed on the inside: "I love you" and – not seen in the photo he posted – the date of the wedding itself.

"It's got an inscription inside that has a date, that would be the wedding date, so we're hoping that whoever the owner is can tell me the date inside and help me verify that it's really theirs," said Newman.


Newman tweeted a photo of the ring Monday night and in less than 24 hours, it had been shared more than 3,000 times.

"Lots of interest, lots of retweets and likes and shares, sort of took off more than I expected," said Newman.

Unfortunately, despite the social media traction and leafleting of the neighborhood, the ring's rightful owner has still not surfaced.

If you think the ring is yours, you will have to prove it to Newman by contacting him via social media and telling him the correct date inscribed on the inside of the band. You can direct-message him via Twitter. His handle is @jonahshai.