Chicago mayoral candidate Chuy Garcia proposes grants to residents facing high property tax bills

Congressman Chuy Garcia proposed providing hundreds of dollars in one-time grants to Chicagoans facing big increases in property tax bills.

Property tax bills are soaring on the Near West Side and in other neighborhoods where the market value of real estate is also rising.

"Low-income residential properties will be able to receive a one-time neighborhood preservation grant of $250," said Garcia.

Garcia said eligible small businesses might get a grant of up to $1,500.

Outside City Hall, candidate Brandon Johnson said more social spending, not more police, would reduce violent crime.


"Look, I get it. People are talking about policing as a strategy. But, keep in mind, that is the strategy that has led to the failures we are experiencing right now," said Johnson.

Johnson is virtually alone in saying he would not fill the police department's growing number of vacant officer jobs. 

A spokesman told FOX 32 Chicago:

"Brandon Johnson...(rejects) empty pledges from candidates to recruit 1,600 new officers overnight when police departments all over the country are struggling to hire."

As candidate Paul Vallas was about to speak to a group of retired police, a relative of Laquan McDonald blasted him for taking a $5,000 contribution from an officer who was not present at McDonald's killing, but the family thinks he may have covered up some evidence. The officer was cleared of wrongdoing.

"There's nothing to apologize for. Number one, the police officer in question, there was no wrongdoing," said Vallas.

Nonetheless, Vallas said he gave the officer's $5,000 plus $5,000 of his own to a charity helping crime victims.