Chicago police partner with violence interrupters tackling 'Teen Trend' at 31st Street Beach

31st Street Beach was packed with Chicago police Saturday evening. Officers lined bike paths and checked bags into the harbor. Youth advocates, counselors and violence interrupters were on hand as well for another "Teen Trend." 

"They can go places we can’t go, cross boundaries we can’t and speak to people who have had a negative experience with police," said CPD First Deputy William Bradley. 

Interim Police Superintendent Fred Waller and Bradley joined the groups of youth workers for more than two hours checking in. 


With summer months ahead, violence preventers say they’re committed to support teenagers looking to enjoy the city.

As the city works to combat these events which have led to shootings, assaults and large fights, Waller says collaboration with violence prevention workers is key. 

"Come on out have good time enjoy the city. We still gotta be a little accountable, setting example for other kids," Waller said. 

Less than a hundred teens arrived at the beach in groups. Police say no issues were reported.