CPD adding more officers downtown due to uptick in violence

Several crimes were caught on camera in the heart of Chicago's tourism district this week as police continue to see an uptick in crime in the area.

Chicago police say two large groups of men got into a fight Wednesday morning outside the Swisshotel, and a 19-year-old was sent to the emergency room after being stabbed in the abdomen.

Hours later, police and the fire department returned downtown, this time for a distrubance.

In streeterville, a car was surrounded by a group of people on divvy bikes. The 82-year-old man inside was carjacked.

Sources say there was a large party inside a hotel that was broken up. The crowd then spilled into the streets and that is when two males pulled out guns on the Wabash Bridge, and wounded one person and killed another.  

Brian Hopkins, Alderman of the 2nd Ward, says even security in downtown have been injured. 

“They were told they would not be allowed into a party that was being broken up. All three security guards were taken to the hospital, including one that had a fractured skull,” said Hopkins. 

Hopkins says so far criminals in Chicago haven’t been held accountable.

“Right now, you have people that believe they can do anything downtown without any fear that they will be arrested or face any consequences at all,” said Hopkins. 

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown says there will be a new team of officers dedicated to downtown.

“They put together a plan because of the recent uptick and are implementing that plan immediately,” said Brown. 

Brown has added an additional 200 officers to the downtown hoping to curb crime.