Exclusive: FOX 32 captures attack on man walking along Chicago's lakefront

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A man was attacked and nearly robbed while walking on Chicago’s lakefront bike path Thursday.

It happened on the bridge over Lake Shore Drive at 47th Street, which is the same area where someone has been attacking bicyclists recently. The description of the suspects matches that in a community alert issued by Chicago police.

FOX 32 happened to be rolling with our camera when a group of teens attacked the man. The teens were seen surrounding the man and punching him. One of the teens even got into a boxing stance as they demanded the guy’s wallet, the victim told FOX 32.

The victim was able to get away, running back to our camera and we called police. He told us the whole thing took him by surprise.

"I wasn’t on alert. I thought they were just messing around. It’s a beautiful day after all, but I started to get suspicious when they started flanking me. And then of course I knew for sure once the guy punched me in the face," the victim said.