Former Chicago Bulls player Jabari Parker talks mental health on MLK Day

Former Chicago Bull and Simeon basketball player Jabari Parker took part in a mental health day in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

He spoke at the Footlocker on State Street Monday with the founder of "Project sWISH," opening up about his owner struggles and suggestions for improving your mental health.

"You gotta take time to reflect, take time to think about what's going on and talk to people," Parker said. "You're not alone, you're not by yourself. There’s always people that you can reach out to and that really helps me with the problems and circumstances that I've dealt with."

Project sWISH helps Chicago youth with their mental health through sports.


Meanwhile, starting this year, a new law lets students take up to five mental health days a year. It is based on an honor system.

But if kids take two mental health days back-to-back, social workers will check in with them.

Students will have to make up the work they miss by taking the day off.