Glenview residents outraged over plans to trap beavers in ponds

Some residents in Glenview are upset with a homeowner's association management group, after a notice was sent to residents that live in the Concord at the Glen neighborhood about plans to trap beavers.

The notice says ponds have recently become the habitat for beaver activity and that beavers have caused damage to the landscape and loss of trees. It goes on to say there would be trapping to remove them.

"I called our association and I was told that they would be using underwater traps where the beaver swims in and they are trapped there and eventually will drown," said Kara Busiel, a Glenview resident.

This has sparked outrage from some in the community.

"To immediately turn to destroying their lives in an inhumane and painful way, these are sentient beings, and it's just wrong," said Irene Sewell, a Glenview resident.


Residents, like Rachel Siegel, want other options.

"They could put wire mesh around the base of the trees. They could even disrupt the dens and the beavers would move on or, you know, they could just learn to live with the beavers," Siegel said.

FOX 32 News reached out to the HOA management group to find out if underwater traps will be used. We received the following response.

"The Concord at the Glen Homeowner Association and its Board of Directors is continuing their due diligence in this matter and after thorough research and careful consideration a final decision will be made," wrote Kathleen Markland of Cagan Management Group, Inc.

A rally in support of the beavers will be held on Sunday, April 11th at 2 p.m.