Johnson offers no quick solutions after violent weekend in Chicago: 'awfully aware of what I've inherited'

Mayor Brandon Johnson offered no quick solutions after another violent weekend in Chicago.

Authorities say 64 people were shot, 11 fatally.

In the clearest terms yet, the mayor signaled that Chicagoans should not expect any relief this summer from what he calls a problem he inherited. 

"Forty days into my administration, as I said, we're awfully aware of what I've inherited, and what I've inherited has been systems of failures," said Johnson.

While at a South Side event marking the Mellon Foundation's donation of nearly $7 million to establish or alter eight historical memorials in Chicago, Johnson responded to reporters' questions about the rising tide of violence that residents continue to see.


He cited long-term plans to counteract disinvestment, which he sees as a root cause.

"If we're gonna get ourselves out of this rut, it's gonna take all of us. I appreciate you directing the question to me. I understand my responsibility. But if anyone tells you that they can single-handedly shift the political mindset that has led to the type of disinvestment that is causing the outbreak of the violence we are all experiencing, if any one person says they can do that, they're not being honest," said Johnson.

When asked about any short-term plans he might have to reduce the violence, Johnson declined to answer.