Local activist Rev. Acree traveling to DC for inauguration: 'What would Dr. King do?'

America will pause and reflect Monday on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for MLK Day, and one local pastor is calling for peace as he heads to DC to push King's message.

"I told my wife I am going, I have to go," said pastor and activist Reverend Ira Acree.

Acree is travelling to DC for the inauguration. He was mentored by Reverend Jesse Jackson -- the Operation Push leader who was part of King’s inner circle in 1968 and witnessed the icon's assassination.

We saw violence play out at the US Capitol already, and the FBI has intervened on plots to inflict violence and chaos during the presidential inauguration on Wednesday.

But Acree says that won’t stop him from going.

"I said, ‘what would Dr. King do?’" he said.

Alongside Acree, at least a dozen other pastors and rabbis will be in DC for inauguration day.

Acree’s wife questioned the trip.

"She said ‘Dr. King got killed’ and I said ‘ok, the bible says for me to live as Christ.’ So I can’t lose," Acree said.


Acree hopes other pastors will get on board with healing the country.

There is an online petition pushing for healing and reconciliation. Over 280 interfaith leaders have signed it, but Acree says there is more work to be done.

"If we serve the same God, we should be able to get along down here rather than waiting for something to happen in heaven," he said.

Pastors from the Chicago area and East Coast will head for DC Monday morning.