Looming rail strike could hit consumers the hardest during the holidays

There is growing concern that a freight railroad workers strike could derail the nation’s economy right before Christmas.

Amtrak and Metra operate trains on freight train tracks, including the BNSF line, which travels between Aurora and Chicago. 

In Western Springs, commuters were aware that a strike would mean no rail service.

The other Metra Lines affected are Union Pacific North, Union Pacific Northwest and Union Pacific West, about 60 percent of Metra’s weekday riders. 


In September, the unions were on the verge of a strike and Amtrak canceled long distance trips so that customers would not be stranded. At that time, President Joe Biden and his administration held negotiations until a tentative deal was reached.

If there is no agreement this time, the nation’s economy would lose billions of dollars a day, should trains stop delivering things like lumber, coal and chemicals. It’s a disastrous possibility that commuters said must be avoided.

The earliest day for a strike is Dec. 5.

Commuters hope the president or Congress will act to avert a strike.