Man beat up over cigarettes on CTA Red Line train in South Loop

A man riding north on the CTA Red Line near South Loop was jumped by at least four men who said they were looking for cigarettes. 

Early Saturday around 1:42 a.m. a group of four to six Black men asked a Hispanic man for cigarettes, police say. The victim told the men he didn't have any cigarettes and the men began to beat him up

Police say the men took the vitim's personal belongings and a pack of cigarettes while they beat him up. When the train stopped, the victim got out at the Roosevelt station. 

The men continued to beat the victim on the platform. One offender took out a box cutter, as well, according to officials. 


Transit police arrested two men involved in the assault and who were identified by the victim. The other men got away. 

The victim's face was cut many times during the incident. He was treated on scene. 

Area detectives are investigating.