Months-long battle over $50 parking ticket ends up costing Brookfield thousands

Call it the case of the $12,410 parking ticket.

It all started with a $50 parking violation.

The $12,410 is what the Village of Brookfield paid to try and collect the fine.

The village confirms they have officially ended this battle.

It hands a victory to Michael Camerano, the resident who the village contends illegally parked in a street cleaning zone on a street-sweeping day back in May.


But he apparently determined he was not going to pay the $50 ticket without a fight.

His complaint about that ticket and subsequent challenges and legal maneuvers over four months would eventually lead the Village of Brookfield to back off.

"Once it became aware to me what the village was spending in legal expenses to defend this case, I determined that the public benefit from defending the case, was not worth the expenditures to continue to fight it," Village Manager Timothy Wiberg said in a statement.

After signing a 12-page settlement agreement, Camerano, who did not return calls from FOX 32, is off the hook for the fine.

And for the village, the cost of lawyer bills related to the case has also stopped.