Passenger escorted off plane at O'Hare after trying to enter cockpit, open exit doors during takeoff

A passenger on a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Los Angeles was arrested Friday after trying to enter the cockpit and open the exit doors, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

United Airlines flight 1641 was forced to return to the gate at O'Hare International Airport Friday night in order for a passenger to be escorted off the plane.

Chicago police say the aircraft was taxiing toward the runway at about 8:45 p.m. when an announcement was made from the cockpit about an earlier incident that initially delayed takeoff. 

After the announcement, a passenger got out of his seat and began moving around the cabin and talking in a repetitive manner. Police said the passenger was "possibly in crisis."

Limited details were immediately available, but the FAA said the unruly passenger unsuccessfully tried to enter the cockpit and open the exit doors.

The plane returned to the gate and the passenger, a 31-year-old man, was escorted off the aircraft and was taken to an area hospital for evaluation.

Police did not say what caused the flight's initial delay. However, there was a massive emergency response at the airport around the same time when a Swiss Air jet caught fire after takeoff. 

All inbound flights were temporarily halted as the incident was handled. 

No additional information was made available this time.

FOX Business contributed to this report.