O'Hare Airport fairly empty on weekend before Thanksgiving as CDC begs people to stay home

The CDC and local governments are begging people to stay home this Thanksgiving, and at O'Hare on Saturday, we found the baggage claim practically empty.

We spoke to a husband and wife from Lebanon who are traveling to visit their daughter in Wisconsin. They told us they hadn't seen their daughter in a year, and were taking precautions.

The United States has now surpassed 12 million coronavirus cases. About a quarter million Americans have died.

Everyone we saw was wearing a mask. Some also wore face shields.

"It’s difficult, it’s different," said Khalad Abdullah, who was traveling with friends back to Saudi Arabia.

He said that restrictions in the US were much more relaxed than restrictions where he's headed.

"For example if you left the house and one of the officers happened to see you, while they're in lockdown, they will charge you a fine, because you're not suppose to leave," Abdullah said.