'Operation Safe Zone': Gary program allows businesses to share surveillance video with police

Just days after a deadly mass shooting at a Gary nightclub, the city is launching a new community program to reduce gun and gang violence.

It's called Operation Safe Zone.

The program allows businesses to share their security camera footage with the Gary Police Department in real time.

The hope is it will cut down on police response time, and of course deter criminals.


Businesses that opt in can post signage and a blue light as a further deterrent.

The city is hoping apartment complexes, public and private schools, daycare centers, convenience stores and gas stations will opt into the program.

The city also says it is being sensitive to privacy concerns.

"We want people to feel as though their privacy is still protected and it is. We don't take any intrusive measures at all when it comes to the surveillance. It is only on public property or private property which businesses that are operating in that space have given us permission to, but we are very, very sensitive to that issue as well," said Joy Holliday, Executive Director of the Office of Violence Prevention.

Two people were killed and four others were wounded during a shootout inside Playo's NightClub Sunday morning. The city says the club is now closed.