Piping Plover chick hatches at Montrose Beach Dunes

The first of four eggs laid by Piping Plover Searocket hatched and the chick emerged from its egg to explore its new home on the Montrose Beach Dunes shoreline. (Chicago Piping Plover Watch)

Chicago birdwatchers are in for a treat this summer. 

The Chicago Park District, along with its conservation partners, announced Sunday the successful hatching of a new Piping Plover chick at the Montrose Beach Dunes.

This marks a significant moment for the ongoing efforts to restore the endangered Piping Plover population in the Great Lakes region. The chick hatched from a nest laid by Searocket, one of the captive-reared plovers released at Montrose Beach in July 2023

Searocket paired with Imani, a Piping Plover born at Montrose in 2021, and together they laid a clutch of four eggs. Three more chicks are expected to hatch soon.

The Park District is working closely with its partners to monitor the nest and deter predators from the fenced area. Parkgoers are urged to respect the closed area boundaries, keep their dogs leashed, and dispose of trash properly to ensure the safety of the chicks and remaining eggs.