Rental car shortage causes price surge

Families are quickly finding out that a short vacation or getaway can add up and cost a lot more than expected.

Looking at a three-day rental for this upcoming weekend, prices range from $100 up to $200 a day with traditional rental car companies.

However, there is an alternative that FOX 32 Chicago has checked out that would cost $55 per day.

Turo has been around since 2010. They have an app and can be found online.

It's where Chicagoan Ryan Willis decided to rent his four vehicles. 


Willis started on the platform in October of 2020 during the pandemic. He's one of 137 hosts in the Chicago area renting their cars on Turo.

The shortage started after traditional rental car companies sold off sections of their fleet to save cash.

Now that more people are travelling, rental car companies are having trouble rebuilding their fleet because of the global computer-chip shortage.

This led to prices for a traditional rental car around July 4 to jump 86-percent. 

On average with Turo, FOX 32 Chicago found a person could save about $70 or more for a compact rental at this time.