Republican nominee for governor says Pritzker is 'out of touch' with Illinois

The Republican nominee for governor of Illinois says J.B. Pritzker's out-of-state travel "shows how out of touch he is with Illinois."

He is demanding the governor stay home and call the General Assembly into a special session.

"Yet we have a governor who is so out of touch that he would think that he needs to be campaigning for president when we've just started campaigning for governor," said state Sen. Darren Bailey, the Republican nominee for governor.

A spokeswoman for Pritzker's campaign responded and said that this weekend's speech in Florida at a Democratic fundraiser is about this fall's midterm elections.

"As a lifelong Democrat, Gov. Pritzker is committed to supporting his party in every corner of our country," the spokeswoman said.


Bailey renewed his call for a special session of the general assembly to, among other things, cut the sales tax on gasoline in half.

Bailey said that would save nearly 25 cents a gallon at current price levels.