Sorry, Chicago, the best pizza city in America is...?

Chicago's deep-dish pizza is taking a backseat to… Portland?

A new book called "Modernist Pizza" tested more than 250 pizzeria's around the country. The authors found that Portland, Ore. beat out everyone, including Chicago and New York City.

Authors Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya ate almost 400 pies from coast to coast to come to that conclusion.

The ruling came down to the chef's innovation and passion to deliver the best, the authors said.

Portland is undergoing what they are calling "a food renaissance."


At three volumes and almost 1,700 pages, it includes the history of pizza, more than 1,000 recipes, pizza-making techniques and tools plus tips on where to get the best pie -- in exquisite detail and with stunning photos.

Their three-volume, 1,700-page book will come out on Oct. 5 and will include a recipe manual.