Superheroes surprise Chicago boy who was shot in the head

A 5-year-old Chicago boy who is recovering from being shot in the head got a super special holiday surprise on Tuesday.

He has had several surgeries and some of his favorite Marvel and DC characters surprised him outside of Comer Children's Hospital where he is recovering.

"This is something that he really loves," said Clarence Williams, the father of 5-year-old Clareon.

It was November 16th in 200 block of West 115th Street when a male seen on surveillance video started randomly shooting. Clareon was on his iPad on the couch in his home in Roseland when a stray bullet hit him in the head. He was wearing his superhero pajamas at the time.

"I am grateful that he’s still here and in recovery mode," dad said.

The nonprofit "I’m Telling, Don’t Shoot" raised $10,000 to find the two gunmen. The founder decided to bring out Spiderman, Superman, Batman and some other caped crusaders, along with some toys.

"I decided to take a portion of those funds to surprise a child that is definitely deserving of this," said Early Walker.


Clareon’s mother says her son cannot talk or walk like he did before, and she hopes soon he will show the world he has the makings of a superhero.

"He has a beautiful smile a smile that lights up a room," mother Gwendolyn Dunmars said.

The two gunmen are still at large. There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.