Taylor Swift means big business in Chicago

Up and down Michigan Avenue, "Swifties" were everywhere over the weekend for the Taylor Swift Eras tour, and that has meant a lot of extra money into the local economy. 

"Right now these bars are packed, all venues are packed. It’s great for the city," said fan Lily Nachinsy.

Throughout the day, long lines of Taylor Swift fans patronized local restaurants and bars. Ice cream vendors were seen raking in extra dough as well. Downtown streets were loaded with shuttle buses. Those riding about a mile to the concert paid $20 dollars each for a bicycle taxi.

Dressed in glitter, cowboy boots, purple and pink attire, 55,000 fans are expected to pack Soldier Field each night for the much anticipated "Eras Tour".  Fans of all ages and from all parts of the world will be in attendance.

Lynn Kerns and her family visiting from Cleveland says it’s all worth it.