Vigil held for Harvey man who was murdered in road rage attack

Nearly 100 loved ones released balloons along 147th & Sibley in Harvey honoring Marchello Leggans Saturday.

Leggans, 41, was leaving a party last Saturday when he was cut off by the driver of another vehicle according to relatives.  Family members say nearby surveillance video shows a man exiting the car and shooting Leggans five times.  He died at the hospital. Police say The gunman is still on the run. 

The event was coordinated by KC BodyGuard Services. "Chello" was a well-known bouncer providing security for many south suburban club establishments.


"I feel hurt, angry, mad, sad…" his wife said. 

At the Gloria J Taylor Banquet Hall, Harvey residents and activists called for a spotlight on unsolved murders.

Inside set a table with pictures of victims including young kids whose families still await justice. Harvey residents prayed for peace and also called for real solutions to tack crime.