'We haven't heard anything': Family pleads for answers after Chicago pastor goes missing

It has been six days since an assistant pastor from Chicago went missing.

Rev. Warren Beard, a husband and father, visited friends last Tuesday in Joliet. He was last seen in the 400 block of Broadway around 9 p.m. An hour later, a license plate reader registered his SUV traveling through Jefferson and Larkin in Joliet. 

Rev. Beard's pastor said he spoke with him that night. However, since then, no one has seen him.

Beard is the assistant pastor at New Israelite Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago. For his professional career, he is the Regional Director of Facilities for a nonprofit. He was supposed to be on a conference call on Wednesday, but never logged in.

The 53-year-old's family said he attended college in Joliet and would occasionally go there to visit friends.

Now, his family is pleading with police to interview the people he was with the night he went missing. 

Beard's aunt said they want an update from police on the whereabouts of the husband and father of 5.

"The family desperately would like some attention directed to the individual last seen with Rev. Beard. Rev. Beard had two cell phones, a work phone and a personal phone. We would like to know the last location of those phones. Rev. Beard had bank cards, debit card, credit cards. We'd like information on those cards. We haven't received anything. We haven't heard anything," said Patricia Truitt, Beard's aunt. 

Beard was last seen in his black Honda CRV with an Illinois license plate DY20511.

Anyone with more information on Beard's whereabouts is urged to call 911 or Area 2 SVU Detectives at 312-747-8274.