Chicago weather: Showers, storms possible on Monday and Tuesday

Chicago residents can expect a mix of weather patterns over the next few days, with conditions fluctuating between partly cloudy skies and the possibility of showers and thunderstorms.

Sunday night will have partly cloudy skies with temperatures dipping to the upper 50s. 

As Monday arrives, the morning will start with partly cloudy skies, gradually transitioning to cloudy conditions by the afternoon. 

Despite the cloud cover, temperatures are expected to climb to around 85 degrees. 

As the day progresses, there's a looming risk of showers and thunderstorms.

Looking ahead to Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures will remain in the 80s with a continued chance of showers and thunderstorms. 

There's some relief in sight for the latter part of the week. We'll see dryer conditions and temperatures will reach the 70s.