Monday to hit mid-50s across Chicago

Every day this month has been warmer than normal. 

The normal high today is 53 degrees. We will be in the ballpark. Skies will be mainly sunny and it won’t be very windy.  

Tonight will be chilly under partly cloudy skies. We should have a decent view of the total lunar eclipse tomorrow before sunrise. The partial phase begins at 3:09 a.m., totality is between 4:17-5:42am, with the partial phase ending at 6:49 a.m., right after the moon has set.  

Tomorrow will be partly sunny and a couple of degrees warmer. The big warmup is staged for Wednesday and Thursday. I think we can tag 70 degrees on hump day. If not, it’ll be mighty close. 


Thursday we will be firmly in the 70s but don’t get used to it. The coldest air this autumn hits Friday. Whatever the temperature is at midnight that day will go in the books as the high.There could be a shower with the front but it won’t be much. 

Temps will crash during the day Friday and be in the 20s away from downtown by daybreak Saturday. Highs this weekend will only be in the mid to upper 30s.

Tropical storm Nicole has formed east of the Bahamas. It will likely move over Florida Thursday and Friday before bringing rain to Georgia and the Carolinas over the weekend.  This does NOT look like it will be a hurricane.