61 arrested after young people swarm downtown Chicago, cause disturbance

In the Loop Sunday night, Chicago police arrested dozens of young people as a huge group began taking over the streets, setting off fireworks and dancing on cop cars.

Some of the chaos erupted near Wabash and Washington. More than 100 people flooded the streets and sidewalks and two officers were injured.

A police spokesperson says 61 people were arrested, most of them being young adults and some minors. They were arrested for offenses like battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.


There were reports the gatherings started as early as 630 p.m. when people began shooting off fireworks.

Police say those in the crowd were shooting off bottle rockets at officers, jumping on police squad cars and resisting orders to disperse.

One officer was hit with a bottle rocket near the ear and another suffered an ankle injury during a scuffle with an offender.

"I think it's a tough situation. I understand the need for police to be easier on certain people and I also understand their standpoint, so I think a lot of these kids just don’t know what to do and they need some hope," said Chicagoan Bob Lehman.

Chicago police’s holiday weekend safety plans are still in place through Monday night, meaning there will be "adequate staffing" throughout the city.

Since Friday evening, more than 90 people were shot in Chicago.