Chicago street renamed in honor of former CTU president

The street outside of Chicago's Teacher Union headquarters has been renamed.

A special ceremony was held Friday honoring former CTU President Karen Lewis who led the union from 2010 to 2018. Lewis passed away last year after a battle with brain cancer.

Union and city leaders came together to designate 1901 West Carroll as Karen Lewis CTU Way.


"You know, if it was up to Karen, the street sign we're about to name would be a really, really, really long sign because it would have all 30,000 members of this union on it, but the very first name on that sign would be Karen's name," said Jesse Sharkey, former CTU president.

Officials also say as a labor leader, Lewis helped build a strong, powerful progressive movement across the city to improve our public schools and the living conditions of Chicago’s Black and Brown working-class families.