Devil Dawgs in Lincoln Park closing due to coronavirus pandemic

A popular DePaul University hot dog institution is saying goodbye, for now.

Devil Dawgs is offering $1 Chicago-style hot dogs to commemorate the closing of their flagship store.

At times, the line would spill out the door.

“I’m sad to see them go. After 10 years? Crazy,” one customer said.

DePaul students and Lincoln Park residents came Wednesday to say goodbye.

“Always a bummer to see a place like that go,” one man said.

“I’ve always gone to Devil Dawgs, like my whole life. So when I found out they were closing/moving, I rushed over because I love hot dogs,” another customer said.

Like many small Chicago restaurants, it is mostly a COVID closure.

“The DePaul students aren’t in this year, and they’re like a big chunk of our business so in that sense things have been slow this year,” said employee Jason Shaughnessy. “People are pretty bummed out. It’s a lot of locals coming in, ‘we’ve been coming here for years, so sad that you’re leaving.’”


But they are leaving with a lovely parting gift: $1 Chicago-style hot dogs both Wednesday and Thursday at all four Devil Dawg locations around the city.

Devil Dawgs is scouting a new location in the DePaul area and hopes to open again late next summer.