Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard launches podcast on Spotify

Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard, who’s being investigated by the FBI for allegations of corruption, is launching what she calls "the most entertaining political podcast ever." 

Henyard's "On Tha Move Podcast" is set to debut on Spotify next week with a Q&A segment called Truth Speaks. 

The south suburban mayor posted a short promotional video on YouTube on Sunday. She told viewers to post their questions for her in the comments but warned them to be respectful. 

"I got the tea. With the receipts. Matter of fact – if you want the tea, get it from me," Henyard said in the video. 

The new podcast comes as Henyard is being investigated by federal agents. Since taking office in 2021, local businesses have complained that they can’t get their licenses renewed and are being harassed after refusing to donate to Henyard's events. 


Dolton trustees vote to investigate Mayor Tiffany Henyard amid misconduct allegations

In a special board meeting Thursday night, Dolton trustees voted to investigate controversial Mayor Tiffany Henyard.

Former Dolton Police Chief Robert Collins accused Henyard of misusing her security detail. Henyard has also been accused of spending taxpayer money on trips and self-promoting billboards.

Henyard posted on Facebook promoting the podcast debut.

"Let’s set the record straight. I will give facts and put the mess to rest! … I want my apologies to be just as loud as the negativity. PERIOD…" the post read. 

The Dolton Board of Trustees voted just last week to have Henyard investigated after several residents sounded off about her lack of accountability.

"The grownup thing would be for her to resign. Just get out of here, leave town," said one woman. "You have disgraced this entire village and disrespected each and every one of us."