'Put cuffs on you': Dolton meeting with Mayor Tiffany Henyard, Lori Lightfoot turns to chaos

A hastily called Dolton village meeting ended in chaos as opponents and supporters of controversial Mayor Tiffany Henyard almost came to blows on Monday.

Police had to break up the skirmish as Henyard and trustees cleared the room. The altercation happened immediately after trustees voted 4-2 to reinstate former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s investigation into Henyard's activities, overriding Henyard’s veto.

"We will not let anyone stop us or obstruct our ability to get to the facts," Lightfoot said almost inaudibly as Henyard and trustees made several attempts to talk over her.

The news capstoned more than two hours of contention – where village residents packed the chamber to air their grievances against the embattled mayor and her lack of transparency on the spending of village finances.

"You’re not going to understand until they come and put cuffs on you," said resident Thelma Gant, referring to a reported FBI probe into Henyard and a 2023 trip to Las Vegas that was billed as "economic development."

Henyard stared down and appeared to ignore most of the public commenters. Afterward, she blamed the media and what she sees as a political smear campaign for all the heat.

"You guys are following a fiction, a made-up story," Henyard said.

Earlier in the day, village officials blocked off the street in front of Village Hall, making residents park a block away and walk.

"You made the elderly and the disabled walk here," Gant said. "I hope you’re proud of yourself, Tiffany Henyard."