Chicago area expressways see crashes, spin-outs; IDOT warns drivers to slow down

As of 8 p.m. Wednesday, the expressways were moving a lot better than they were Wednesday morning and early afternoon; drivers could actually see the pavement. 

However, CDOT, IDOT, and INDOT plows and salt trucks will still be out throughout the overnight hours with a lake effect snow situation they call "a wild card."

"We're definitely seeing a lot of spin-outs and crashes, especially on the interstates," said INDOT Spokesperson Cassy Bajek.  "Definitely want to encourage people to drive to the conditions because we are seeing some of that, where people are not slowing down enough."

All the area's transportation agencies have seen dozens of car slide-offs and spin-outs and expect the same overnight if drivers don't slow down. 

"There's going to be some slick spots, especially those ramps. When you're getting on and off those ramps, overpasses, and bridges, take your time going over those. Go slow as much as you can," said IDOT's Maria Castaneda.


Castaneda says the roadways overnight will be slicker than drivers think, and with the wind expected to pick up, drifting snow will continue to be a problem.

"Go slower than you think you have to go," said Castaneda.

IDOT plow drivers will continue working 12-hour shifts overnight on area expressways at least through the morning commute, while the CDOT commissioner says its fleet will be exclusively sticking to the main thoroughfares til further notice. 

Transportation officials continue to urge patience from drivers, to allow plenty of extra travel time.

On a positive note: the CDOT Commissioner says he is confident that Thursday morning's commute will be way better than Wednesday's.