Kim Foxx won't prosecute Illinois abortion providers should state outlaw procedure, SA says

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx said Friday she will not prosecute abortion providers, should abortion become illegal in Illinois.

Foxx thanked Gov. JB Pritzker and the legislature for taking steps to safeguard reproductive rights in the state, and she acknowledged that the state is one election away from change that could harm minority women.

Foxx turned 50-years-old this year and noted that during her lifetime, Roe v. Wade protected women’s right to an abortion.


She revealed that before her birth, her mother endured an illegal abortion and now her teenaged daughters are witnessing an historic time, where if they did not live in Illinois, their access to legal abortion would be limited.

Foxx revealed that in 1994, when she was a senior at Southern Illinois University, she became pregnant and made the decision to end the pregnancy. She is now a mother of four.

She said she talks about it now because she feels that people should be reminded of the personal nature of abortion, more than the academics.

"There are real choices. It's a real impact and I think for me, being personal about it and being honest and transparent to my children about it is because it hurts my heart that there are other people who don't have access to that. That there are other people who have died trying to do that. That there are other people who will be forced to make decisions or have their lives impacted for the rest of their lives because they've been denied the opportunities that I have."

Foxx said she is angry with the Supreme Court’s decision and encouraged the public to peacefully protest and reminded voters that the Illinois primary is June 28.