Sick, dying songbirds reported across Indiana, so people are being told to remove birdfeeders

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is asking Indiana residents to remove their birdfeeders until experts figure out what is killing songbirds.

Sick and dying songbirds have been reported in these counties:

  • Clark
  • Delaware
  • Hamilton
  • Jackson
  • Jefferson
  • Johnson
  • LaGrange
  • Lake
  • Marion
  • Monroe
  • Newton
  • St. Joseph
  • Union
  • Washington
  • Whitley

The birds that are sick show signs of neurological problems and swollen eyes.


If you spot a sick or dead bird, you should report it to the Indiana DNR at this link. Do not handle a dead bird directly; use disposable gloves and place the bird in a sealed plastic bag.

You should also keep dogs and cats away from sick birds until the DNR figures out what is going on.