Snow-covered canopy collapses at Des Plaines gas station

A canopy at a Des Plaines gas station collapsed under the weight of snow early Monday as an inch of snow fell on parts of the Chicago area.

No one was under the structure when it fell about 12:30 a.m. at a 7-Eleven in the 2500 block of Ballard Road, according to Des Plaines Deputy Fire Chief Pete Dyer.

The owner of the business told investigators he heard a loud noise and then saw the collapse, Dyer said in an emailed statement.

The power to the fuel pumps was shut off until the debris is cleared and equipment inspected, he said. The Des Plaines Building Department and Fire Prevention Bureau were investigating the collapse.


Dyer encouraged business owners to clear downspouts and gutters of snow and ice, but to avoid climbing onto roofs.

"Property owners should refrain from getting on top of roofs, canopies, sheds as this can cause falls and injuries. If the snow cannot be cleared property owners are encouraged to use a professional service to conduct the removal," Dyer said.

In Chicago, the fire department has responded to more than 20 roof and structure collapses in February.