Family of Taylor Casey pleads for answers 3 weeks after her disappearance in the Bahamas

The family of Taylor Casey, a Chicago woman who has been missing in the Bahamas for almost three weeks, demanded answers Thursday regarding her disappearance.

They marked her 42nd birthday with a news conference in the Loop.

Casey has been missing in the Bahamas since June 19. She was participating in a yoga retreat on Paradise Island and disappeared.

Her mother, Colette Seymore, and friend, Emily Williams, went there to meet with police and came away with doubts about the investigation. 

As they gathered Casey’s things at the resort, they believed a proper investigation was not done. Police found Casey’s phone, they said because a family member pinged it and told them where to locate it.

Casey was well known in Chicago’s LGBTQ community.

Taylor’s mother described what these three weeks have been for her.

"Oh, how I just yearn for that call today. I wonder where you are. Are you OK? Are you in danger? Are you sick? Are you hurt? My nights are sleepless with worry you," Colette Seymore said, addressing her daughter.

Williams accompanied Seymore to the Bahamas to search for answers. 

"It’s been three weeks since Taylor's been missing and one thing abundantly clear: the only reason why anything is happening is because we are making it happen. It's because everybody here, all the people behind me,  Colette, you in the media, we are pushing this investigation forward, Williams said.

The family was promised an update this week. They said they'd give the police a chance., but from the beginning, they have had an uneasy feeling about law enforcement in the Bahamas. They are pushing for U.S. authorities to step in.