Chicago police prepare weekend safety plan after mobs of teens caused chaos

Chicago police have begun organizing a safety plan after mobs of teens gathered in downtown Chicago last weekend.

Police say they are monitoring teen activity on social media to organize patrols.

There's also a special curfew in place at Millennium Park where unaccompanied minors cannot enter without an adult after 6 p.m.

Police announced Wednesday that an investigation has been launched after victims claimed some patrols ignored pleas for help Saturday night.

A young couple attacked by a mob of teenagers said police squad cars passed them by. They were touring downtown and became surrounded, beaten and robbed.

Lenora Dennis saw what was happening and waved her arms at police, but she says squad cars drove around her. She put the couple in her car and drove them to a police station, then got them shoes and money and drove them to their Airbnb.

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Last weekend, police were under attack, too.

Bottles were thrown, and they had to respond to a shooting where two teens were hurt

Police are expected to be ready if crowds return to the Loop this weekend.