Markham mayor criticizes Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard over Thornton Township leadership

Markham Mayor Roger Agpawa has criticized Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard for her behavior in her role as Thornton Township Supervisor, calling for a change in leadership at the township, which encompasses Markham and over a dozen other south suburban communities.

During Wednesday night’s village board meeting, Mayor Agpawa condemned Henyard's recent actions and statements regarding Markham's property taxes.

"That isn't what's happening in Thornton Township, and it's unfortunate for that leadership, but we'll call it out and we'll move on. But we’re not going to be part of the circus. We won't let that happen," Agpawa stated.

Mayor Agpawa also remarked that Henyard appears to thrive in a climate of chaos and emphasized that this needs to come to an end.

The village trustees echoed Agpawa's sentiments, indicating a collective agreement on the need for new leadership within Thornton Township.