Chicago restaurants partner with Greater Chicago Food Depository to fight child hunger

July is National Make a Difference to Children Month and to help promote it, seven Chicago restaurants are teaming up to make a positive impact.

They are donating a portion of their sales to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. In a Fox 32 special report, Sylvia Perez shares where you can dine and give back at the same time.

Head to Chicago's East Lake View area on the corner of Broadway and Oakdale Avenue, and you'll find neighborhood staple Cesar's authentic Mexican restaurant, Home of the Killer Margaritas.

"The secret is you really can't taste the tequila," said owner Israel Sanchez.

But for the month of July, Cesar's will be known for something else. When you buy something off the kids’ menu you'll be helping to feed the hungry.

"Cesar's is being a great partner," said Man-Yee Lee of the Great Chicago Food Depository. "One hundred percent of their proceeds from any kid’s item menu will go to the GCFD."

The Greater Chicago Food Depository strives to end hunger and this month is working with seven Chicago restaurants, including Cesar's to honor National Make a Difference in a Child's Life Month. Lee said right now, the need is great.

"Just in first quarter of this year they have seen 26% more visitors. That alone tells you hunger still persists and it's a real thing," Lee said.

Other restaurants you can visit in July that are also taking part include Adobo Grill, Amerikas in Oak Park, Marina's Bistro, Mirella's Tavern, Tatas Tacos and Vinci. Each place is donating a portion of proceeds.

For Cesar's, the collaboration was an easy choice. This is a family restaurant started by their mom and dad 32 years ago. They worked there growing up and now their children help out as well. They say their restaurant is an extension of family.

"We are a product of the Chicago Public Schools system and growing up these lunches you become dependent on them and when summer hits it's like where we going to go for breakfast for lunch," Sanchez said.

"There's nothing worse than kids saying to you 'Mom, I'm hungry’, and you don't know how you are going to feed them and that's why that really touches home for us," said Lulu Duran, chef at Cesar’s.

And their generosity combined with you purchasing these meals feeds more people than you can even imagine.

"Every dollar that is raised and donated helps provide three meals," Lee said.

So head to this family destination and while you’re there with your children, you can toast to your contribution to feeding the hungry, maybe even with one of their killer margaritas.