Warm and dry weather continues through the week in Chicago, with a chance of showers this weekend

Weather in Chicago and the suburbs will continue to be warm and dry all week, but expect a change on Saturday and Sunday.

There will be a chance of showers on Saturday and a chance of scattered thunderstorms on Sunday.

The high temperatures Wednesday through Sunday will be in the 70s:

  • Tuesday: High 69°, Low 59°
  • Wednesday: High 77°, Low 61°
  • Thursday: High 76°, Low 60°
  • Friday: High 77°, Low 63°
  • Saturday: High 75°, Low 62°
  • Sunday: High 70°, Low 59°

The National Weather Service noted that the high temperature in Rockford, Illinois, was 90° on Monday, which surpasses the previous record of 89° set back on September 27, 1954. It's also the warmest Rockford has been this late in the year since a high of 90° was recorded on October 9, 2010.